3 in 4 Campaign

Efficient long term care preparation is crucial for a comfortable retirement. Many know that care planning is important, but struggle with going about the preparation process the right way. Thankfully, seniors and working citizens alike have an outlet. The 3 in 4 need more campaign functions under the 3 in 4 need more Association as a nonprofit entity and are fully committed to cultivating awareness for long term care planning.


The 3 in 4 Need More Campaign provides elder care resources and uses multiple marketing strategies to spread the word about how vital planning for long term care is. This countrywide movement is a great way for senior citizens to get in contact with long term care agencies, producers, strategic planners, and carriers. The perks of this campaign are available to all those who inquire via an interactive online platform where consumers can get the assistance they need and raise their awareness.

Families caring for aging parents need to know the realities about long term care coverage just as much as the person in need for two key justifications. The first reason is that health insurance and government programs don’t cover consumers in need of long-term care. This misapprehension often times leads people to believe that they are covered for long term care when they really are not. Building on that, the second reason pertains to findings from the US Department of Health and Human Services which divulges that 70 % of people 65 or older will require some form of long term care. As high in demand as long term care is, Medicare and private health insurance plans are not dependable. Long term care insurance coverage is there to cover extensive needs based programs overlooked by government programs.

With the 3 in 4 Need More Campaign, locating a resource is just as easy as becoming a resource. If you’re a long term care professional, becoming a 3 in 4 Need More promoter is easy. Venders, agencies, and advisors alike each receive their own set of benefits by becoming a part of the 3 in 4 campaign. But while each level of support differs, each of the three shares some common advantages. Whether you’re a vendor, agency, or advisor, the 3 in 4 Need More Campaign will allow you the business opportunity to market your logo and co-brand materials like consumer print and eNewsletters as well as 3 in 4 booklets in hard copy and electronic versions.

The 3 in 4 Need More campaign’s goal to raise awareness about senior care resources has gained a substantial amount of media attention in the past year. Appearances on several talk shows and news shows have circulated a substantial amount of information and facts on long term care resources and the 3 in 4 Need More Campaign. A common issue explained via the TV and media platforms include monthly cost, noting that monthly expenses for long term care normally range between $ 4,000 and $ 12,000 per month. Topics of discussion also include information and facts on the long term care cost calculator’s offered by the 3 in 4 Association.

Every movement to better the world we live in has a face to carry its message and the 3 in 4 Need More Campaign is no different. Dr. Marion Somers, a geriatric expert with four decades of experience as a caretaker is that face. She has committed her life to helping caregivers and the ones they serve across the country so that elder care resources are made conveniently obtainable to all those in need. From step one, Dr. Marion helps senior citizens figure out what their needs truly are by using her 3 Pillars of Financial planning.

In an attempt to bring the message directly to your doorstep, Dr. Marion and the 3 in 4 Need More Campaign are touring across the country to raise awareness. With stops in over thirty states, 3 in 4 Need More is spreading the message about long term care. The message is straightforward; most people aren’t ready for their retirement living years! The tour is meant to help people with uncovering useful resources, caring for aging parents, and education for the best retirement possible. The tour is going on NOW, don’t miss your stop!

But Dr. Marion isn’t the only one who can help! The 3 in 4 Need More Campaign offers a complete advisory board for long term care resources. This professional team of confidants comes with over twenty long term care professionals who are there to respond to all your concerns. Don’t wait to get the help you need! People as young as fifty are deemed “uninsurable”. Purchasing younger locks in lower premiums and raises the likelihood of qualifying. Contact info can be found on-line or by telephone at 888-874-2870 and don’t forget “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.

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